At home in paradise

Yoga – Pure Pleasure in Being

Namasté – I honour the divinity in you, just like I honour it in me and therefore know: we are one

The yoga sessions (90 minutes, extra charge) which we offer daily will give you the opportunity to bring your body, mind and soul into harmony. Feel the power and energy which flow through your body, sense how tension loosens and how your body frees itself from the blockades of everyday life. Meditation, body and breathing exercises will bring you peace and let you feel oneness and harmony spread throughout you. The result is a depth-effect – something from which you will profit for the rest of your holiday.

Why not start with the training sessions on our platform in the morning – a platform which was allowed to be constructed on an old worshipping place. This will allow you a swinging start to the day. An ideal way to finish-off the day is to take part in a yoga session in one of our meditation rooms.

Our specially selected German / English speaking yoga instructors are highly qualified and the monthly change of the instructors allows us, and our guests to get to know different styles of yoga.  

Yoga sessions are offered in small groups and are therefore suitable for starters and the more advanced.