At home in paradise


It goes without saying that Holiway Garden is part of an active village community. The resort is incorporated like a Kampung (farm community) in the Banjar Benben (neighbourhood) in (village). As in the old tradition, the members of this community look after each other: that is how Holiway Garden sees its responsibility towards the village and the region of Buleleng.


Waste from modern civilised communities has also reached the island of Bali. Plastic bottles, plastic bags and plastic packaging have superseded packaging made of natural materials such as banana tree leaves and leaves from palm trees – for the good of hygiene but bad for the environment. Unfortunately there is no satisfactory infrastructure to combat the increasingly fast-growing heaps of rubbish.

Together with the Hotel Alam Anda in the village of Sambirenteng, Holiway Garden supports the development of one of the first recycling depots in the north of Bali. An ingenious bonus system has also been introduced to try and convince private households to collect their waste and to separate types of waste for recycling.


There is a clear difference of contrast between the north and south of Bali where cultures are concerned.  The majority of inhabitants are Balinese, who are dedicated to their culture and also live it. For Holiway Garden it is important that the region of Buleleng does not lose its identity and that it continues living it in a conscious manner.

Therefore Holiway Garden sponsors the annual Buleleng Festival which is an event where the region presents its cultural potential. Fashion, dance and music – but also crafts, culinary specialities and communication unite to a contemporary festival of sensuality on the streets of the regional main city Singaraja.


 „Do good and speak about it“ is what we say. Nevertheless, we would not like to give prominence to our social commitment – it happens in a small scale in front of the door. As previously mentioned Holiway Garden takes its responsibility towards social commitment seriously as part of the village community and support a lot of fates of individuals in this sense.