At home in paradise

Who are we?

At home in paradise
These words are not only our slogan – this is our objective!

In Holiway Garden you occupy the centre stage with your whole personality. It is our intention to offer you an environment in which you feel at home: a place where you feel comfortable, where you can let go in order to reconcile and harmonize your body, mind and soul. Holiway Garden is an eco-resort with holistic offers which will help you to bounce back into life – and that in a most sustainable way.

Holiway Garden is a place for encountering and at the same time a place for mutual esteem. Personal contact is important to us and a friendly way of communicating goes without saying. We are open for individual travellers, groups, couples, singles and families. Being together which is characterized by respect and dignity, not only concerning humans, but also the nature and its resources, makes the Resort more than just a holiday complex.

Holiway Garden is a family-run business which is supported by a strong community made up of mainly local employees and villa owners.   

On Bali the principle of Yin and Yang is of great significance – therefore this is just as important for us and our resort. In return, at this point, we would like to express our gratitude for the hospitality. We see ourselves as part of the island, particularly the village Sambirenteng and the province of Buleleng and support the responsible use of natural and cultural resources.