At home in paradise


Individual discovery tour with a moped on Bali
The moped is without doubt the most popular means of transportation on Bali. Should you feel the urge to go on a discovery tour of the island on a moped then of course you can hire one from us! It makes no difference whether you would like to use the moped on a daily basis or for a one-day trip. Officially you require an international driver´s license which you can normally obtain within one day in your country of residence.


Relaxed bicycle tour with a mountain bike or an E-bike
The resort has one E-bike with an electric motor as well as various mountain bikes which you can hire for a small fee. Why not climb hills without great effort and pedal away on straight stretches? This is a great way to tour around on a bike without too much exhaustion.


16km through the clear, warm water of the Telega Waja; 2 hours through a tropical jungle landscape, pure enjoyment between the wild canyons and smooth pastures. Under waterfalls and shoot through rapids – that is rafting on Bali, more than just a rush of adrenalin! Our partner in Redang and his friendly boatmen await you.


The volcanoes Gunung Batur and Gunung Agung reach over the island, mighty but still. Together with an experienced guide we can offer you the possibility to experience sunrise on the summits. The ascent of the Gunung Batur can be accomplished by any experienced hiker whereas the Gunung Agung (3000m), which is almost twice as high, is a real challenge for an experienced alpinist.

However, for those of you who would rather walk through plentiful rice fields and prefer a more placid tour, we can offer an experienced guide to not only take you through the flora but also tell and show you a lot about rice growing and the life of the farmer.

Up to and down from the 7 waterfalls and between the rice fields, that is what our trekking tour in the region of Sekumpul is all about. A guide who knows the area will take you safely through the shoals of the rivers and over the heights of the canyons.


Visit to a traditional healer
Traditional healers and shamans on Bali still actively practise old curative methods. These shamans are known as “Balian”. They mainly work with healing herbs, oils and special methods of massaging – they are dedicated to spiritual healing. We offer our guests the possibility to undergo this special treatment. The healer will treat you in one of our separate rooms whereas the words of the healer and your personal questions will be translated.

This is an ideal opportunity to address a specific problem you might have, or just experience the special Shaman know-how for your well-being. The treatment includes psychic as well as psychical issues in additional to physical conditions.

An exciting experience for everyone!