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Ceremonies, Gamelan and Dance

The Balinese celebrate special occasions at any time – should a special occasion fall during their holidays, they are of course invited to come along to Holiway Garden as part of the village community. Yes, Holiway Garden Resort & SPA  is part of a village community and therefore the locals consider our guests being theirs, too! Family celebrations, temple festivals or processions are celebrated together.

Dance events or music evenings take place regularly in Holiway Garden. We engage local artists to assist us with the organisation of these special events – not only because they have amazing potential, but also in order to encourage local traditions and to support them. The Balinese dancers and their graceful and lovely movements are a real feast for the eyes of those watching.

Should you have the wish to celebrate a special occasion during your stay at Holiway Garden, we would have great pleasure in assisting with the organisation of musicians, dancers or priests. Moreover, we would love to help you develop a concept and assist with the shaping of your own special event.