At home in paradise

Harmony outside – deep harmony inside

Should you have the desire to offer or participate in a seminar, training course or retreat on Bali, then we can offer you an exceptional ambience.

Our creativity is limitless! You have the possibility to offer seminars for the purpose of your own personal development or for business seminars. Healing and yoga seminars are also possible, as well as dancing and singing workshops. We can offer you facilities and the environment to suit your needs.


  • Mediation hall „Padma“ offers room for 50 persons with enough room to lie down – enough room for body work (yoga mats, cushions, treatment couches, stereo unit for music etc.) or up to 80 persons in a sitting position. The hall offers room for up to 100 chairs for the purpose of seminars.   
  • A keyboard and stereo unit for music is available for creativity workshops such as singing and dancing.  
  • The outdoor area can also be used for painting and sculpture workshops.
  • A separate therapy room offers an ideal location for individual treatment.

Of course we will assist you to create suitable fringe events or an excursion programme for your seminar. The accommodation capacity of Holiway Garden Resort & SPA caters for 80 persons. Seminar facilitators are entitled to special terms regarding prices.

In order to plan your seminar in advance, please contact us.