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Should it be Balinese dancing, cooking, nutrition, Feng Shui, Huna, massage, voice formation or singing – Holiway Garden Resort & SPA has a constant choice of workshops to choose from, depending on the availability of the respective coaches.

You can of course enquire directly as to which workshops are running during your stay, or just let yourself be surprised ad inspired when you arrive!


Feng Shui Workshop      
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art which involves building houses and decorating rooms so that the people living in them or using them feel comfortable. It is an invisible key to life. Shapes, colours and materials are used in such a way so that they give our life new impulses and in some cases, possibly even a new turnaround.   

You will experience how you can profit from the aspects of using natural things to structure and decorate your living space. Whether it be the purpose of activating different living areas such as health, wealth, partnership, career or “only” to harmonise achieving a more snug and comfortable environment. This workshop will show you fundamental ideas of Feng Shui and you will learn about different spheres of life and their effects. It is not necessary to have previous knowledge of this subject.

If we have awakened your interest, please bring an A4 size copy of the ground plan and a true to scale ground plan of your flat/house. Individual brief consultation for a small fee is possible after the workshop.

Duration: 6 hours

Why not discover the secrets of the Asian cuisine. On the one hand the traditional, Balinese cuisine and on the other, a cooking course focused on the Chinese 5 elements ways of cooking. The one-day cooking courses start with a visit to the tradition local early morning market and end with a meal prepared by everyone taking part in the course. Balinese cooking is a buoyant task for a community and not a serious issue – therefore it is a must to chat and make jokes whilst chopping away!


Dance Worksshop
If you have always been interested in the secret of Balinese dance and the special ways of movement, then a dance workshop will allow you to test the dance steps and your sleight of hand. The workshop is conducted by the dancers from our resort who will teach you the tradition of Balinese dance in a joyful way.


Huna Workshop on 27./28.08.2014 (10.00 -17.00hrs)

Enjoyment of life, ease and laughter with Huna & Ho´oponopono
HUNA is an ancient Hawaiian theory and means “secret knowledge”. The human being and nature are at the centre of this theory.

The HUNA theory assumes that we are the creators of our reality whereas we have our self-formed system of belief and deadlocked convictions – those that determine our actions and reactions, thoughts and feelings.

Ho'oponopono is a Hawaiian-Shamanic healing method for the solution of conflicts.

Ho'o ponopono is an ingenious method in order to solve oneself when an unwanted result in life becomes visible.  

During our workshop you will receive several tools which you will learn to use (both theoretically and practically), in order to carry out changes which will allow for the zest of life to come true – without any great problem, thus sustainably achieving something in your life.

Costs for the workshop: 150,-- €
Seminar Mediators: Silvie Hunsinger and Jörg Wendang
Venue: Holiway Garden Resort, Sambirenteng, Bali

Registration or on location