At home in paradise


Everyday life in western countries is becoming more and more hectic resulting in more people searching for an opposite pole consisting of peace and reduction inside and out in order to retrieve harmony. This type of stress can be confronted in the form of wellness and relaxation, particularly in Asia.

The different types of treatment date back to cultures which existed thousands of years ago including the knowledge of energy fluxes of the body, special massage techniques, body exercises, petal baths and use of herbs as well as additional therapeutic and have proven to lead to an ease of tension (relaxation) and regeneration.

This know-how, combined with the heartiness of the Balinese can help you to find your inner balance and recharge energy for your everyday life.

Our “Lotus SPA” does not only offer massages, but also a great diversity of beauty and wellness treatments.

Why not have your finger nails or toe nails treated so that they shine like new – great in combination with your tanned skin!

A caring and deep cleansing face treatment, peeling, massage and face mask can achieve a new fresh and radiant look. A body peeling will open your pores and let your skin breathe again and to finish off a joghurt-pack will pamper your skin: resulting in velvet-like, soft skin. Whilst bathing in petals or herbs (either you alone, or two of you), you have the opportunity to relax and dream away whilst looking up at the blue sky – giving you the feeling of comfort and reassurance.

“Chakra Balancing”: this is something we have created especially for you. A short relaxing massage is followed by an energy treatment (carried out with a great deal of intuition), will bring balance to chakras and improve your well-being.

Our therapists our focused only on you and your desires and will have pleasure spoiling you!