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Detox – Anti Aging – A new Charisma

Deacidification, purging, detoxification  –  different words and one meaning: DETOX  
In the course of our life, our way of living causes a great deal of toxins and residues to collect in our body. Therefore detox is more than just a matter of nutrition or cosmetics. Detox is a holistic method of releasing the collected ballast, to channel excess acids and to sustainably boost your immune system. All revulsive organs, beginning with your skin via your kidneys, intestines and liver are relieved in order to reactivate them in a special way. It is for this purpose that we have developed a special programme which is put together from various applications in the Lotus SPA together with a special nutritional plan.

A detox footbath can activate the cells and stimulate your metabolism. A special detox massage can help to discharge body toxins and revitalize the cells. A detox facial contributes towards the purification of the skin in your face – thus leaving your face more and more firm and it appears to be a lot fresher.

An alkaline bath is an ideal stress-killer. It does not only de-acidify your body, but also supplies your body with essential minerals.

During a one-week Detox programme, the aim of a specially created nutrition plan is to relieve your digestive organs and assist them to reduce excessive acids and purges by means of light food and a range of special drinks. Individual nutritional coaching orientated to TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) contributes towards achieving sustainability.

Various types of detox treatment are offered as an individual session or as a complete package. Interested? Why not look at our package deals?