At home in paradise

„You are what you eat“

The knowledge from a long time ago concerning a healthy diet is the most important thing when we buy the ingredients and prepare our dishes. Our aim is to offer you a healthy and balanced diet whilst offering you local and seasonal dishes. A healthy diet is vital for the holistic well-being of the body, mind and soul. In order to guarantee this, with the support of nutrition experts we have developed our own nutritional BarunaFood concept.

Inspired by the tradition of Chinese Medicine, all BarunaFood menus include active food products which correspond to the 5 elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water. This means an adequate supply for all organs and bodily functions. The diversity of the kitchen is complimented with Ayurveda and Mediterranean elements.

We use freshly caught fish, free range „happy“ chickens as well as fresh vegetables and organic rice. Our cooks conjure delicious Asian and international dishes using ingredients bought from the daily market. Only cold-pressed oils, pure fats and fresh spices from the market are used in our kitchen. We rely on the natural strength of spices and refrain from the use of flavour enhancers. Our home-made bread is made with love and we also prepare fresh spreads and jam.

Those of you who would like to sample the culinary know-how of our cooks can take part in a cooking course and learn, for example, how to prepare the original Sambal or peanut sauce, or even prepare fish or chicken sate. Observing the radiant smile on the face of our cook is a real experience when going to the early morning market together to choose the ingredients.

Have you always wanted to divulge into the secret of the 5 element kitchen? Then why not book the 5 element cooking course through which a nutritionist will guide you. An individual 5 element cooking course with identification of you and your requirements will assist you to continue with a balanced diet when you return home.