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Individual healing offers
in Holiway Garden

The "HOLY WAY" of Healing

At Holiway Garden you can experience many types of healing. Healing for body, mind and soul. In different seminars or with the offers below, but also through different, special people, which we are happy to introduce to you.

  • Ibu Putu, the traditional healer from our village, releases blockages of the chakra centres and activates Prana, the life energy, in a gentle, loving massage. In a traditional clearing ceremony by the sea, she rinses the ballast from your soul.
  • Coaching Are you looking for a new orientation in your life? Do you want to free yourself from problems? Get to know yourself more deeply? Take time for yourself and let an experienced coach accompany you in Holiway.
  • Systemic constellation work Do you want to take a closer look at your environment? Remove blockages from your childhood? Get to the bottom of relationship problems? A German-speaking psychologist with great experience guides you through the images of your childhood, your relationships, your environment on the way to your inner healing.

  • Tarot Reading: Bude Novi is a luminary in her field. In Indonesia she is considered the best tarot card reader. She channels the higher beings of Bali and combines their words with the images of the cards. She has selected a few people with special gifts and instructed them. Twice a month, the best of the best of her students lay their cards for you at Holiway Garden and look with you at your present and future developments.     Free capacities in July: 02 July 2023 (one place still available), 30 July 2023 (4 places still available)