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Holiway Garden Resort & SPA offers various workshops depending on the availability of lecturers, such as Feng Shui, cooking class, Balinese dance workshop,

You may inquire directly about availability and dates and book your workshop in advance or you may choose to be more spontaneous and see what’s available when you arrive.


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of building houses and furnishing rooms in such a way that people feel comfortable in them. It is an invisible key to life using shapes, colors and materials in such a way that they give our life new impulses and possibly even a new twist.

In the workshop you will learn the basic terms of Feng Shui and get to know the individual areas of life and their effects. You will learn how to apply aspects from nature when designing your living space, to activate areas of your life, such as, health, wealth, partnership, career or just to harmonise the space to feel more comfortable. 

Previous knowledge is not required.

If you are interested to Feng Shui your house, please bring a A4 copy of the construction plan or a scale floor plan. Individual short advice is then possible for a fee.


Duration: 6 hours


Learn the secrets of Asian cuisine – a fusion of traditional Balinese cuisine and indonesian cooking. The day courses start with a visit to the traditional market in the early morning and end with the final prepared meal. In between, there is chopping and chattering, slicing and joking, because cooking in Bali is a cheerful community task and not a serious matter.


If you have always wanted to be initiated into the secret of Balinese dance and its movements, you are welcome to test the individual dance steps and your dexterity in a Balinese dance workshop. The workshop will be carried out by the beautiful and talented dancer staff of our resort team, who love to share their traditional techniques and will make you enthusiastic about the tradition of the Balinese movements.