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Seminar room "KAMALA"

Since February 2018 we have opened our second seminar room, which we named "Kamala". Kamala means Lotus flower and is another name of the god Lakshmi. She is also called the wish fulfilling and auspicious.

With its 84 qm this this seminar room is a bit smaller as his big brother our room "Padma".


  • The seminar and meditation room „Kamala“ has space for 15 lying persons for bodyworks (incl. Yoga mats, seat cushions, treatment beds) or for 25 sitting persons. For presentations the room can be seated for 50 persons.
  • The room is equipped with air conditions and good wifi connection
  • A soundsystem, flip chart and a whiteboard is available
  • Beamer, microphones and/or headsets can be prepared

Of course we are happy to help you to create a suitable framework and activity program for your seminar too.

We have a availability of beds in the Holiway Garden Resort & SPA for 80 persons. Special terms for seminar facilitators apply.

For the early booking of your seminar please contact us.